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Getting high-speed Internet by satellite is easier than ever

If you’re in a rural area without access to Broadband or DSL, HughesNet’s satellite service is the right choice for you! With a high speed internet connection, you will be able to breeze through webpages and emails fast, quickly upload those digital pictures, download new music, or watch that funny clip non-stop, with no wait!

You’ll have more fun just surfing the internet without the hassle of waiting and waiting between every click. So stop suffering with slow dial-up and start surfing at high-speeds today!

Reasons to Get HughesNet Today

Available Everywhere*

Even where cable and DSL won’t reach.


Dialing in and logging on is a thing of the past.


From the leader in broadband by satellite.

Best Service

Outperforms Skyway, Starband and Wild Blue.


Surf and open web pages instantly.


Share internet with multiple computers/devices.


Works with both Windows and Mac PCs.


Send and receive critical information with peace of mind.

Own a Business?Ask about our special plans for companies!
Next Plan up promo
Pick the next plan up and save up to $30/month for the first 12 month.*

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10 GB

Perfect for the single user or couple who is passionate about fast Internet.

$49.99Per Month

20 GB

Best for the small family whosse love of the internet is growing as fast as their kids.

$69.99$49.99Per Month for 12 Months*

30 GB

Ideal for today’s connected household with multiple devices and a large appetite for data.

$99.99$69.99Per Month for 12 Months*

50 GB

The data you need to keep your whole family rolling in internet bliss.

$129.99$99.99Per Month for 12 Months*

All Service Plans Include:
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 25 Mbps download speeds, 3Mbps upload speeds1
  • 24-month Commitment
  • Bonus Zone: 50GB/mo of FREE data (2am-8am)
  • Data-Saving features: Video Data saver2, SmartTechnologies
  • No hard data limits3
1Actual Sppeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

Your Equipment
Save $100


Offer ends 6/30/17

One-time upfront cost covers installation and equipment.

Your Equipment
Save $99

$99.00$0+ $14.99/month

Offer ends 6/30/17

FREE Standard Installation for a limited time.4

Choose to lease and reduce your upfront costs.

NightShift for Online Streaming Video

Limited Monthly Data?
NightShift preloads all of your favorite movies and TV shows during your “bonus” period, so you don’t have to worry about using up a large chunk of your data plan.

Never Ending Buffering?
Don’t let constant buffering ruin your TV favorite shows or movies anymore. NightShift can preload your shows so you can watch at your convenience without any hiccups.

Internet Too Slow For High-End HD?
Let’s put your HD TV to good use! NightShift preloads your movies so you can watch them when you want regardless of your internet speed.

Ask about HughesNet Voice too!

Optimized for Satellite

You know it’ll work great because it’s coming from the same provider!

Competitively Priced

You could save as much as 35% over traditional landline service!

Unlimited Calling

Doesn’t interfere with your data allowance or internet usage!

Great Features

Caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and enhanced voicemail!

Order HughesNet Gen5 and HughesNet Voice at the same time and get FREE setup and activation of your HughesNet Voice equipment!**

See reverse for offer disclaimers

Home Voice
FREE HughesNet Voice Equipment!
After $75 instant savings.** Offer ends 6/30/17.
2-year Commitment

per month for 3 months**Offer ends 6/30/17

No Commitment

per month

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