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Alpha Satellite was originally founded by Rick Skeen to deliver high-speed internet to the backroads of Ohio. Since then we’ve gone nationwide and added DirecTV service, NighShift, HughesNet Voice and other valuable services to better serve our ever-growing list of happy customers.

Our commitment to providing quality service remains just as strong as the day we started. When you call Alpha Satellite, you can count on a pleasant, hassle-free experience and the best ongoing support available.

Company Owner Rick Skeen

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Once I learned that both the installation and plan prices of HughesNet dropped from last year, I was confident to sign up. It feels good to sign up with a company who’s prices go down when cable, phone and everything else is going up.
– Jim

I couldn’t believe that Verizon wanted me to pay $59.99 per month for a cellular Wi-Fi system when I can’t even get a cell call in my home. HughesNet’s Basic Plan was the same price and after weighing my options, I decided to go with HughesNet.
– Sonya

While on Wild Blue, I was unable to use many websites, even after an antenna, cable and router upgrade. Now with HughesNet’s Basic Plan, all the websites I visit open quickly, even the ones that wouldn’t open with Wild Blue.
– Betty

I am a contractor who works from home. If you are a rural business owner, farmer, eBay user or even a country church and don’t have high-speed, I’ll guarantee you spend more on gas than you should. Amazon and eBay save me gas money and time, but when I was on dial-up I couldn’t even open an email with a picture in it and forget about a quick hop on Craig’s List. Until there’s an Amazon catalog or eBay newspaper, this will have to do 😉
– C.P.M